Swiss Navy lube products are high-quality, long lasting and pleasure inducing.

Here at férfi, we strive to provide our customers with the very best quality of personal lubricants. Our Swiss Navy Lube product range is at the top of the list.

Swiss Navy Lube is a brand like no other, combining some of the finest ingredients. Crafted by experts and developed into formulas that deliver nothing but excellent performance, glide and slickness.

Swiss Navy Lube. All You Need For Sexual Wellness.

Water-based Lube:
With its long lasting velvety feel, Swiss Navy water-based lube is unlike any other water-based lube on the market.

Its viscosity is what sets it apart, unlike others, Swiss Navy water-based liquefies with friction so it stays where you put it and it doesn’t absorb into your skin straight off the bat. Shop Now >

Silicone-based Lube:
Made from the highest grade of silicone, making it silky smooth and long lasting. Swiss Navy silicone-based is perfect for people who are looking for something that lasts longer than the standard water-based lube.

Perfect for anal sex but be sure to avoid using with silicone toys. Silicone breaks down the composition of silicone material toys and eats away at it over time, always be safe with your toys. Shop Now >

Premium Swiss Navy Lube.

Premium Anal Lube:
Adding to the long-lasting enjoyment of our silicone-based range is the Premium Anal Lube.

Featuring the addition of cloves (a mild, natural numbing agent) this lube is designed to provide users with assisted comfort during anal sex.

The addition of cloves also provides a slight warming sensation that adds to the excitement. Shop Now >

Sensual Arousal Lube:
The perfect couples combination. Specially formulated to provide pleasure to both parties, Swiss Navy Sensual Arousal lube enhances and arouses him and arouses and satisfies her. A must have for anyone looking to spice up couples play. Shop Now >

Paraben / Glycerin Free Lube:
Although studies regarding the extent of the effects of parabens is still underway, we want our customers to feel safe when it comes to our products.

The Swiss Navy Paraben and Glycerin Free lube provides a silky smooth feeling without leaving behind a sticky residue that enhances intimacy.

Similar to the Swiss Navy water-based lube, the viscosity liquefies with friction and lasts longer than most other water-based lubes. Shop Now >

Warming Lube:
Designed to spice up your sex life with a warm tingle. The Swiss Navy Warming lube is formulated to mimic the feel of a silicone-based lube while still being water-based.

Menthol is the secret ingredient that provides you with a mind-blowing warming sensation that you and your partner(s) are sure to remember. Shop Now >

Swiss Navy Specialty Products.

Masturbation Cream:
Oil and Silicone based creamy fun for the guys that melts with each stroke.

We don’t recommend using masturbation cream as a lubricant for intercourse due to its thickness but we do recommend trying it out during anal play with toys that aren’t silicone based. Shop Now >

Massage Cream:
Similar to Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream, our Massage Cream is designed to add to the fun during couples play.

Massage cream stays where you put it due to it’s thick texture, unlike messy body oils and it primarily absorbs into the skin leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky. Shop Now >

Personal Hygiene.

Toy & Body Cleaner:
A must have for anyone who is serious about their sex life. A lavender scented antibacterial spray designed specifically to provide users with the safest way to clean up after the fun has ended.

Some toys can be made of porous materials so if you decide to use a toy like this internally, they can then become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner is the best way to ensure the safety of your toys and your body. Shop Now >

Endurance Spray:
For those who suffer from premature ejaculation, Swiss Navy Endurance Spray is designed to stop the party from ending too soon.

Endurance Spray contains lidocaine, which aids in numbing the tissue surrounding the penis, therefore slightly desensitizing it.

Users still feel the same sensations while engaging in sex in the penis but the pressurized feeling of needing to finish early is suppressed. Shop Now >

Side By Side Range:
Designed to provide users with two sensational experiences for the price of one, the Side By Side range allows users to mix their chosen duo with its dual dispensers, giving the chance to experience sensations that are sure to spice up your sex life.

The Side By Side Features.

Tease – a luxurious mix of Premium Silicone and Relaxing Clove Silicone, designed to last longer, providing only the slickest of sensations. Show Now >

Invigorate – Intensifying pleasure that gives you the choice of either warming or cooling peppermint sensations. Specifically designed to enhance arousal and intensify the sensations between users and their partner(s). Shop Now >

Krave – Pure pleasure wrapped in sweetness; the delectable combination of Strawberry Kiwi and Pina Colada. Our flavoured range allows users to play around with flavours during oral sex. Combine the two for a mouth-watering experience. Shop Now >

Incredibly slippery and excitingly long lasting, the Swiss Navy Grease is specifically designed for male masturbation, anal sex, fisting and other sexual acts that require a premium oil-based lube that allows customers to go the extra mile while fulfilling their wildest fantasies.

The thick, creamy consistency Swiss Navy Lube Grease transfers body heat so even on the coldest of days you don’t have to worry about the dreaded shiver of ice-cold lube and being oil-based, you don’t have to worry about it absorbing into your skin. Shop Now >

Max Size Cream:
Delivering firmer, stronger and longer lasting erections. The Swiss Navy Max Size Cream is designed to increase blood flow to the penis in order to provide firmness and overall fullness.

It allows men to ultimately enhance their sexual pleasure. Over time it also provides optimal girth enhancement if used daily. Shop Now >

Strawberry Kiwi Lovers.

Flavoured Range:
The Swiss Navy flavoured range includes a variety of flavours designed to enhance oral sex and to provide users with fresh and exciting experiences.

With flavours formulated by a fortune 500 company so they taste the way they’re supposed to. Unlike other brands, the Swiss Navy flavoured range delivers premium, edible, sugar-free sensations that anyone can enjoy. Shop Now >

Our flavoured Range.

Candy Cane – Thrusting you straight into December, you’ll be singing Christmas carols once you’ve dipped your tongue into the minty realm of Swiss Navy Candy Cane lube. Shop Now >

Cooling Peppermint – Reminiscent of fancy toothpaste that chills to the touch. The added cooling sensation provides your lucky partner(s) with a mind-blowing thrill they’ll be sure to remember. Shop Now >

Chocolate Bliss – A realistic taste that has to be experienced to be believed. Swiss Navy Chocolate Bliss tastes like the real deal. It is sure to bring out the chocoholic in even the burliest muscle queen. Squirt some on your ice cream for even more fun. Shop Now 

Swiss Navy Flavoured Lubes.

Strawberry Kiwi – Sweet and sultry, Swiss Navy Strawberry Kiwi lube combines two sensual flavours designed to invigorate and indulge. Pass the vodka and you’re ready to party. Shop Now >

Pina Colada – Bring the tropics to the bedroom with this sickly sweet lube. Pump away and soon you’ll be dreaming of island breezes and cute cabana boys. Shop Now >

Passion Fruit – Fruit salad without the sugar overload. Spice up your sex life with this guilt free, super sweet lube that is sure to make any mouth water. Shop Now >

We hope our introductory guide to our Swiss Navy product range has been informative and helpful.