Prostate Massager. Pure Anal Play

If you’ve ever found yourself curious about a prostate massager and sticking things up your butt, you’ve come to the right place. Anyone familiar with the joys of anal play can tell you that it feels good.

Using a prostate massager is fun and you can end up having one of the best, most mind-numbing orgasms imaginable.

Where to begin you may ask?

Well, anyone who plans on getting more acquainted with their body should probably learn all there is to know. This guide is the perfect place to begin. It’s time to start putting things in your butt people!

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between your bladder and penis. If you pop a finger inside, you’ll feel it. You can also feel it from the outside, if you massage your fingers along the perineum. (between your balls and your butt hole) You’ll feel a slightly firm area and depending on how much pressure you apply, it’ll feel good.

Prostate Massager

Longer, Lasting Orgasms

Your prostate is filled with a whole bunch of nerve endings, making it one of the most sensitive parts of the body. When it is stimulated you have a higher chance of experiencing a stronger, longer lasting orgasm. The more time you spend massaging and stimulating the prostate, the better your orgasm.

Sometimes you don’t even have to stimulate your penis to ejaculate, this is called prostate milking.

If you’re new to anal play but terrified of going straight into it, you are not alone. It’s 100% fine wanting to try new things.

If you’re straight and worried that putting things in your butt will make you gay – educate yourself. But no, you’re still straight and you’ve just realized why gay guys have more fun.

Plenty of Choice

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge into the unknown territory that is your butt hole, feel free to check out our range of prostate massagers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they all vibrate and some can even be used to order takeout … not really, but wouldn’t that be sweet?

Prostate Massagers are wonderful toys. Although they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all massagers are designed with the same intent.

They have a flared base to stop your muscles from contracting and pulling it inside. The tip is usually larger than the shaft in diameter to give extra stimulation and they all provide you with different levels of enjoyment.

Butt Boy Intense

For first-timers, we best recommend the Naughty Boy Massager. It’s the perfect way to introduce your body to anal play and prostate stimulation. The Naughty Boy has an insertible length of 9.5cm and a diameter of 3.5cm making it the perfect plug to let you know just how enjoyable it can be to stimulate your prostate.

It’s best to use any prostate massager by starting off in the fetal position (on your side, knees up toward your chest). Apply a decent amount of water-based lubricant to yourself and the toy and just before inserting, take a deep breath. It’s best to steady your breathing as best as possible because it will help relax your body’s muscles. If your anal muscles are too tense you’re only going to hurt yourself.

Pure StimulationPetite Sensations Bubbles

Once the massager is inside your body you’ll feel it doing it’s thing. If it’s a massager that vibrates – like the Naughty Boy – you’ll be humming in no time thanks to the crazy good vibes. If the massager you are using doesn’t vibrate, give it a bit of a jiggle and you’ll feel it rub against the prostate. It will feel weird at first but if you continue to jiggle the massager you’ll begin to feel the sensations.


For further stimulation, it’s best to try sitting on the massager and moving your body around. You will feel stronger sensations while in this position and once you sync up the rocking motion of the toy to the rocking of your body, the pressure applied to the prostate and the sensations will blow your mind.

The Benefits of Prostate Massagers

Sexual stimulation aside, the art of prostate massaging holds many benefits for those who possess one. Research has shown massaging the prostate over time can help increase its overall health, better control of the bladder and in some cases it can lower the risk of prostate cancer. It’s also a hell of a good time feeling the sensations of a good massage but that’s really only something you can understand once you’ve given it a go.

Massaging your prostate may sound like an intimidating experience but with the right toy, the right amount of lube and an open mind; you are more than likely going to enjoy it. It’s completely okay if you don’t enjoy it at first or ever, but you’ll never know unless you try it.

Now, go forth kids, and enjoy incredible orgasms courtesy of some of the best toys we stock here at férfi.

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